Janine Before
Janine After

When I first started working with Clare, my only goal was to try to lose weight, Clare helped me to see beyond so much more than weight loss. I not only lost all the weight I wanted to, but found a new love and passion in running, and a true friend in Clare, I have also progressed from only be able to run for 4 minutes during my first session to just completing the Brighton Marathon without stopping !


Anon Before
Anon After

Clare has been an amazing support for me, helping me to lose over 8 Stone in weight! At the beginning, when Clare set my target, I didn't think it would be possible but Clare broke it down into small targets which made it seem more achievable. I'm not going to say it was easy and Clare is strict(!!) but that's exactly what I needed. It was the most amazing feeling to reach my target and Clare helps me to maintain it. I will count Clare as a life-long friend.


Kim Before
Kim After

I Love this testimonial from Kim.......

Clare law Personal Trainer ( AKA Torturer extraordinaire)

I kid you not, at times personal training with Clare does feel like torture! At the start, I was not a natural exerciser but knew Clare from her Pilates class that I love. However, my cardio fitness was terrible and my weight had crept up after having my children, I had to do something! Clare was very supportive, (" 5 more push ups Kim...come on!") and helpful ("here let me add another 3 kilos to those weights") and motivating ("I'm sure you won't need to have takeout this weekend ")

But over time I did do 10 more push-ups, I lifted another 5 Kilos and I began to enjoy interesting and tasty low-fat, low-calorie meals. I have lost almost 3 stone and have so enjoyed trying on new clothes and actually liking how I look in them. Most importantly to me is my new found love of exercise. I love running and now count it as my relaxation time. I feel so much better physically and mentally.

Clare's a true professional and really cares about her clients. She is strict but gets results, tough but understanding and shows genuine delight when her client reach their goals. If you are reading this.......Go on do it ! Clare is Amazing !


Tiina Before
Tiina After

I really like Clare's no nonsense approach to weight loss & Fitness. She also gives you advice and support that allow you to reach your goals.

My New motto in life is now "I CAN AND I WILL"


Andrew Walker Before
Andrew Walker After

Clare is a hugely driven and committed PT. She manages to transmit that passion and desire into her clients and work with them to deliver outstanding results. Whilst it would be wrong to say I enjoy seeing Clare in a professional capacity ! she always achieves the results. I could also add some comments about dodgy scales, being very grumpy if the week's been unkind and the occasional kick to motivate the client.

Andrew Walker

Levi Before
Levi After

I am 19 years old and had always eaten quite "rubbishy" food and hadn't exercised since leaving school. Clare encouraged me to keep a food diary and talked to me about healthy alternatives to the food I was eating. She set my daily calorie intake and my weekly exercise programme. I quickly started losing weight and going down dress sizes. Clare told me how great I was looking and it was such a brilliant feeling to be able to wear the same clothes as my friends. Now, instead of dreading going on holiday and thinking about what I'll be able to wear, I look forward to it so much!


S Wilson Before
S Wilson After

18 months ago I sat at my kitchen table in front of Clare and cried. I didn't ever see a day when I would be anything other than the larger person I'd become. I had lost a stone by dieting but still had 4 stone hanging in there at a size 16+. Today I've got Clare to thank for the size 8 - 10 figure and the ability to run a 5 mile road race with ease and an excitement of which I never thought I was capable. I saw Clare every Wednesday and she expected me to text twice in the week having done my exercises. Slowly the repetitions, and the time I could do things for, increased. I'd lost weight in the past but never with all over body fitness that Clare showed me. She was kind and hard, tough and understanding; above all, we had a good laugh and it worked.

S Wilson

Dominic Before
Dominic After

Having reached the age of forty via a downward spiral of over-eating, lethargy and no exercise, I decided to accept the fact that the days of frolicking youth and the energetic activities that went with it were at an end. I'm a part-time musician and when my lack of fitness started to affect my performances I knew I really had to change. I joined a gym and although I enjoyed attending, I found that improvement was minimal. It was then that I knew I couldn't get fit from a standing start with no help. My first training session with Clare proved that I had not been exercising as I needed to when going it alone. Clare really knew how far and when to push me, and in less than a year, I went from not being able to run on a treadmill for more than 30 seconds to completing my first 5k on the road. The money and time I have spent working with Clare has simply been the best investment I have ever made. The weight loss and increased fitness has improved my self-confidence so that I have been able to make other far-reaching and positive life changes with my love life and career. I can never thank Clare enough for showing me what I was capable of.


Anon Before
Anon After

Within a month of starting to see Clare I had lost a stone, after 6 months it was nearer to 3 stone. No other approach has got these results for me. Clare is motivating, inspirational, practical and can be tough when necessary, but is also extremely caring and empathetic. She will listen to you and flex her style and advice as appropriate. She has changed my view on eating and exercising, I have maintained my weight loss and exercise programme now for 18 months and am thrilled with the results. I would totally recommend her to anyone, whatever their goal.


Linda C Before
Linda C After

After just 3 months of working with Clare I have lost 1 and a half stone in weight and a total of 29 inches off all my measurements - including more than 6 inches off my waist!  I feel immensely fitter and stronger. When I started with Clare, I could barely run for a minute without getting pain in my knees, but within less than 3 months I can now run for half an hour with no pain.
By setting a daily calorie limit and making me keep a food diary, Clare has trained me to understand and re-educate my body to expect less food. By doing this alongside my exercise programme, I achieved great results with Clare's guidance and daily encouragement, which she provides her clients via daily text messaging, in between weekly 1 hour sessions with her.
Reduced food intake, coupled with a very personalised exercise programme, which Clare pitches with expert precision at not too easy, but not too hard either, plus her tough, yet warm and kind, support and encouragement all amounts a fantastic recipe for success, for anyone who seriously wants to lose weight and get fit, I could not recommend her services to others more highly.

Linda C

Poonam Before
Poonam After

I met Clare 10 years ago 2009 after having my first child.I have now returned to her in 2019 to help me once again to regain my earlier form. Clare is particularly good at assessing what diet and exercise is required to help me achieve my goals, thats why I keep returning when I feel I am slipping into bad habits.


Yolande Before
Yolande After