Pilates Classes

Increase fitness, core strength, flexibility with experienced Pilates teacher Clare Law.

We all lead busy lives, most of us at some time will experience anything from the odd niggle to chronic back pain. We often put these problems down to factors outside of our control such as work or, age, when in fact it is much more likely to be down to incorrect posture or muscle imbalance. Any muscle in the body whether it is short, tight or weak will have an effect on the body. It is therefore essential to correct this imbalance to allow you to perform your daily tasks more easily and find a general sense of well-being.

So if you are looking for a local Pilates instructor offering friendly pilates classes near Cookham, Marlow, Maidenhead, Bourne End, High Wycombe and surrounding areas of Bucks and Berks, get in touch. Classes are available both in person and on Zoom.

As a qualified Pilates instructor I also understand the huge benefits of strong core muscles. I will assess any imbalances you may have and work on making your body stronger, leaner and fully functional.

Classes are £10 each and are payable at 8 weekly intervals (consecutive)


A Poem for Clare

Muscles aching, body stiffening, mind does not want to give in, Retirement here, things to do, Body needed to be good & true. Would Pilates be the thing ? to keep the body as fit as a King.

Then try Pilates, I hear you shout, so off to Clare to see what its about, assembled in the hall at Sands, we are a happy fitness band, mats all laid on the floor, apparatus there is galore, music starts all are ready, we are all standing there rock steady.

Clares in front, exercise starts, with directions for feet apart, heads now twisting, weights to keep lifting, keep them there for the count of five. Arms now aching nowhere to hide, down on the floor on the mat, wow are we glad of that.

Legs and arms are now a flying, tummy muscles they are sighing, on to plank we all go, we are determined to put on a show, muscles they are all a flinching, buttocks they are really pinching, four more rounds is the order of the day, no more strength to keep up the play.

One hour gone, stand up and stretch, now for home a car to fetch, thank you Clare for the last few years !! My bodys great so no big Tears !!

Brian Tilbury

I have been attending Clare's weekly class for 13 years ! I am now 81 years old and I am still able to do 4 x 1 minute consecutive planks ( as you can see in my adjacent picture, above on mobile site) which apparently Clare tells me is amazing. I can now do things I never thought possible. During this time I have had back surgery, yet I am still able to do all the things I enjoy at this age. I do feel stretching & toning is all you need to remain active in later life. I feel that I would not have remained this fit and active without Clare's encouragement which I would like to thank her for. Heres to another 13 years ! 


I have attended Clare Law's Pilates classes weekly for the past 5 years. She is an excellent teacher and the experience is extremely good. I have no hesitation in recommending her.

C Harris

I have been attending Clare's classes for a number of years, in High Wycombe and in Cookham.  I appreciate having an instructor who is both well-qualified and encouraging and I feel I can put my trust in her.  A good posture does more to keep a person looking young than almost anything else and Clare is so patient. I highly recommend her.

M Child

I have never in my life stuck to any fitness regime, ( I am now 78 years old ), but I have been with Clare since she started classes in Cookham I think it is about 7 or 8 years ago. I know it is doing me good, I am far less stiff and really feel the difference if I have to miss a lesson. Clare has a lovely sense of humour and handles a class with a wide range of ability with tact and sensibility. She is very efficient and professional and looking back I realise that, although I will certainly never set the world on fire, I have stayed far fitter than I would have done otherwise. Thank you Clare! I would be happy to recommend her.

B. Walmsley MBE

I have been going to Claire's Pilates classes since September 2014. Before I started I suffered a lot with lower back pain and sore hips form 30 years of running.  Since attending Claire's class I no longer have any lower back pain or hip pain.  I would be delighted to recommend Claire's classes. The classes are an excellent combination of core strengthening and body conditioning. The hour is intense and excellent value for money.

J. Hudson

I thought it was to late in life to start Pilates. Well I've now learnt  that it's never too late and the benefits can be remarkable both with my fitness and my sleep patterns. The classes have also motivated me to take more exercise on a daily basis. Clare is thoroughly professional, experienced and knowledgeable. Her classes are well planned and organised; they run to time and she takes a personal interest in each person helping them to achieve the best they can at a pace they are comfortable with. I have no hesitation in recommending her.

B Bradbury

I first went to see Clare just over two years ago. At that time I had been battling with ME for over 20 years, no matter how gently I tried to exercise, my health would always suffer a setback, bringing a return of the symptoms of muscle weakness, aching joints and exhaustion, sometimes lasting several weeks. Clare suggested I try her Pilates class and to begin by doing a fraction of the class. Under Clare's watchful guidance, I gradually began to develop some strength and over a period of time built up the exercises I could manage. I have now been participating fully in the Pilates class for two years, including using weights which would have been unthought of a few years ago! Now that I am fitter and more confident I have recently joined a second weekly exercise class, and I feel so much better!!

Sue Morton


Cores End United Reform Church, Bourne End

  • Wednesdays 11.30am - 12.30am ( HALL & ZOOM)

Sands Village Hall, High Wycombe

  • Wednesdays 6.30-7.30pm ( HALL & ZOOM)
  • Wednesdays 7.30-8.30pm ( ZOOM ONLY)